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Baby Boy Shaun

Escort Id: 15309
Age: 38
Location: Denver, CO
I am Available as an: Escort, Massage, Model, Stripper / Dancer, Dom / Sub
I am a: Gay Male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 167 lbs
Body Type: Slim
I Also Speak: German
Ethnicity: Other
Hair Color: Black Hair
Eye Color: Brown Eyes
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Hello, I am a 27-year-old black, white, Indian, German, well Heinz 57 boy LOL. I have a creamy well-tanned tone to my body. LOL people pay to get my skin tone in tanning beds. I am tattooed across my stomach, and both of my calves, these however are easily covered. I also have my tongue pierced but only wear it by request.
I am a Navy boy, raised with a drill sergeant for a father. I am very well educated in most any topic of conversation. I am a college graduate as well. I personally think that most men are neglected and unappreciated. This I try to tend to with my massage talent. I enjoy playing the violin and make it my goal for everyone to feel as if they have been in a dream when they are around me. I do have in and out calls available. I enjoy most anything and look forward to servicing your needs!